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The B. Tech. Information and Media Technology Programme began in 2009 as Mass Communication Technology in the then newly created School of Information and Communication Technology (SICT). The objective of the Programme was to provide a hands-on Communication Technology platform for the training of prospective communication and media professionals who would function more effectively as information managers in the 21st Century Information Technology driven society. In 2010, the Department of Information Technology was created as an addition to existing Departments in the School of Information and Communication Technology. The School of Information and Communication Technology (SICT) had the National Universities Commissions Pre-Accreditation Resource Verification Visit in 2010. Sequel to the Visit was the recommendation that the Departments of Mass Communication Technology and Information Technology be merged into one to form a new department which was to be known as the Department of Information and Media Technology. The Department of Information and Media Technology, following the recommendation of NUC’s Resource Verification panel was therefore established in 2011. The Department has two options: Information Technology and Media Technology.

Goal of the Department

The goal/aim of the Department of Information and Media Technology is to provide relevant education and training in current practices in Information and Media Technology so that graduates of the programme would be equipped with appropriate skills to contribute effectively to the economic development of Nigeria and to function effectively in the contemporary society which is Information and Communication Technology driven.


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